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Finding geometry homework and workbook answers: how to save time

Geometry is one of the most visually appealing fields in mathematics. As a modern student however, that is of little consequence to you if your geometry homework is due and you don’t know how to get answers so you can submit in time. Here are a few ways you can try.

Search the web

Use the search engine of your choice to look for answers to the type of question you’ve been trying to complete. The funny thing about math is, even when you don’t find the exact answer that you need, you may find something close enough that you are able to make new connections and figure out the assignment on your own. Check all the reputable math sites and see which ones have what you need.

Search the class

Have you seen anyone who really seems to enjoy geometry class, maybe even a bit too much? That’s someone you need to have a conversation with. He or she might have a peculiar gift for explaining the questions and may even show you the answers to help you work your way to your own understanding of the questions. This is a favor, of course, so you can’t expect that you will always have access to this service. It’s just useful to try.

Make sure you understand the question

If you find yourself contemplating your favorite movie or what you had for lunch during your geometry class, the likelihood is quite high that you’re missing out on the important bits of the lesson. Your teacher may be presenting a question that is almost identical to the one you will receive later for homework, but you will only notice if you remain observant. In some cases the example and the actual answer you seek will be so close you need only change a few figures to shave precious minutes off of your homework time.

Search the books

Check related books for questions similar to the ones you were assigned. Many have worked examples in the back and your teacher may be using them as reference texts. This means he or she may take a question from a book you were not required to read that has answers to the back of it.

Geometry can be quite fun. This is hard to believe at first but once you master those initial skills, you can use what you learn in art, architecture, music and many other fields.