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Should homework be banned in schools and colleges?

Homework can seem like unfair treatment, especially when you feel like you’ve already learned the material and there’s no real need to go through more of it. In some cases that may even be true, but that’s no reason to ban it. The following three points can explain why.

Homework isn’t just one thing

There are homework assignments that require hours of monotonous reading and stacks of mathematical equations that need to be done in less than twelve hours. Often this comes to mind when people think of homework. There are, however, assignments like creating a volcano out of paper mache that works because of baking soda. Or compiling a family tree of all your known relatives. At the college level you might be assigned to do something innovative every morning by an entrepreneurship lecturer. These are things that cannot easily be confined to class-time and are vital to the learning process.

Homework is a form of studying

The work that is done during the class is helpful for learning but it is of even greater benefit to allow a student to check back on the material after a few hours have passed to refresh it. This helps move the memories form short to long term memory by having structured practice. Some students may argue that they are capable of studying effectively on their own but many are not. Besides, a little extra practice couldn’t hurt.

Homework helps people manage their time

From an early age, looming deadlines with homework can be the first time a student gets the chance to seriously consider the consequences of poorly managing their time. By having assignments that need to be done and taking responsibility for them, students learn important life lessons that help make them into better employees or bosses or just people in general.

Homework can keep kids busy

While college students may not need this benefit, at certain ages, having homework to complete can give children a beneficial activity that uses time they might have otherwise devoted to a harmful one.

Homework has far more benefits than negative side effects and should definitely remain as part of the school curriculum. If any adjustments are to be made, they should be for limits to be given or requirements that educators teaching the same student consult with each other so as not to have competing assignments.