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Does the statistics homework cause stress?

Homework for any class-including statistics-can cause stress. Students today are even more stressed than ever before. And it is not just college kids who feel the pressure to succeed. Kids as young as elementary school level are being pressured to excel in school and do better than their constituents.

And while all of this pressure to succeed can cause a great deal of stress it is important to kids to realize that there are two kinds of stress and they can both be managed:

Good Stress

Good stress is the kind of stress that wakes you up in the morning and gets you out of bed when you know you have class. It is the same stress that will keep you up and out of bed for work. This kind of stress is a motivator. It encourages you to take action and succeed.

Bad Stress

Then there is bad stress. This is the kind of stress that piles on your shoulders until the weight of it all keeps you from action. This kind of stress is akin to excess worrying. Instead of getting up for school you stay in bed awake and contemplate your failure. You cannot move or take action because of this stress.

Too much bad stress will prevent the good stress from doing its job. That is why stress needs to managed no matter the source.

Tip 1: When trying to manage your stress you might think that there is no point because your teacher hates you already or doesn’t even notice you are there. Just because you started off on the wrong foot does not mean you have to let it keep you behind.

You can use this extra pressure to prove everyone wrong. You can use it to show the teacher that you were severely underestimated. Throw off the grading curve by putting all of your effort into your work and being better than people expect. Nothing will surprise and delight them more. And putting that much effort is sure to get you noticed.

Tip 2: If you are struggling with the competition among other students consider it a blessing. Do not let pressure to be better or always comparing grades get you down. Instead use this pressure as a motivator. With positive thoughts and positive affirmations you can turn this otherwise negative pressure to compete into a positive thing. Competition alone is not a bad thing. It can help you to achieve a great deal.