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Writing assignments are surely not something you want to spend your Friday night at, so try to find a way out. Here is a great source of tutorials and suggestions to help you finish homework fast.

I need help with my science homework: looking for reliable sources

For all the splendid things said about the importance of homework, the fact remains that it is not always easy to do yourself. If you are stuck with your science homework, and are looking for reliable help, read on:

  • Talk to your parents: Your parents may be able to help with the homework, but more importantly, they will learn about your difficulty. It is always advisable to keep your parents in the loop.
  • Private tuitions: You can take extra lessons in science from a professional tutor. Your local newspaper or librarian can help you find someone who teaches well. The disadvantage associated with private lessons is the time commitment.
  • Study groups: See if you can find a study group or Science society on campus. This will not only help with your current problem, but will be a great motivator and problem-solver for future. You may become the next president of the society, who knows!
  • Science blogs and websites: Google can be your best friend in finding articles and lectures online. Look for a credible blog and read up.
  • Online video tutorials: YouTube is such a godsend. You will find video tutorials on just about everything under the sun. Watch a few to select your favorite teacher, and learn sprawled on the couch.
  • Online forums: Join a science forum for discussion and sharing. You will be able to post your questions online and someone might be able to come up with the solution. Since forums are voluntary affairs, you cannot be certain about receiving a response in time for your assignment, or ever. Besides, there is no reason to believe that the answer provided by someone online is going to be the correct one.
  • Online homework help agency: you might want to consider a professional agency designed to solve your homework problems. You will have to register yourself to access the free materials. A good agency can help you by providing professional tutorials by a dedicated expert, giving samples and examples, or doing your homework for you. Beware of scammers and professional frauds. As a rule of thumb, avoid all that sounds amazingly cheap.

The best approach is to integrate a few of the sources for maximum benefit. For example, you can watch a video tutorial and supplement it with professional assistance from an online homework help agency; or work with a friend on your science assignment with lecture notes as reference.