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Need a tutor who will help me with chemistry homework

Chemistry homework help

Chemistry is a difficult subject if you do not have interest in it. Most students find chemistry boring because of chemical formulae and lengthy equations. Even a simple task like balancing an equation can turn out to be very demanding if you do not know the basic concept behind it. Whether you are struggling with learning the chemical composition of different materials or trying to figure out the difference between the rows and columns of a periodic table, you need to have some insight of the subject. Not all students have similar problems, some need help with time taking solutions, some do not succeed at understanding the chemical properties of elements, some face trouble while learning chemical reactions and changes in physical properties of elements.

Why students have problems with homework

Here are a few major reasons that students have for not attempting their homework on their own. These reasons may vary from person to person but these are just the basic issues majority of students face during their homework.

Lack of attention

The most basic reason for not being able to attempt your homework is lack of attention during class. If you do not sit attentive during the lecture, you will miss some important reasons that are necessary for understanding the basic concept behind a certain reaction or equation. For example, you were not listening closely when the teacher told you the format of a carbon compound, now when she asks you to draw it; you will be stuck because you do not know how it should be.

Lack of interest

Teachers do not assign homework that is out of your scope. It all depends upon your creativity and interest. They explain something to you in the class and then assign the homework related to what they explained in class. If you have interest in the subject, you will ask questions and know more about the subject. However, if you do not have interest you will not be able to figure it out on your own.

Illness or accident

Regardless of your interest in the subject, you can meet an accident or fall ill that may prevent you from doing your homework.

Lack of time

Some students do not attempt their homework on their own because they do not have time for it.

Where to find chemistry tutors

  • On the internet
  • Give an ad in the local newspaper
  • Consult an online writing agency
  • Hire a freelance tutor
  • Ask your chemistry professor for extra classes