Helpful Ideas

Writing assignments are surely not something you want to spend your Friday night at, so try to find a way out. Here is a great source of tutorials and suggestions to help you finish homework fast.

Doing College Homework Fast, Without a Hitch

It isn’t too often you come across people who enjoy and savor the flavor of carefully completing homework assignments. It isn’t something that people truly relish (see what I did there?). On a more serious note, you have a party to get to, so you need every edge available in your arsenal to make sure you are the first person to grace the beer-pong table. Here are a few tips.

Were you a boy scout? Doesn’t matter, just take their free advice.

Be prepared

  • Nothing wastes more time than not having everything you need right in front of you. Walking down the hall or to the library to retrieve a syllabus or book isn’t actually doing homework; it’s called wasting time.
  • Do yourself a favor and take care of everything else PRIOR to starting your homework. That means laundry, lunch, mingling, you name it. Don’t allow for distractions that could derail your otherwise streamlined plan.

Know thyself. Are you easily distracted? If there is a time for honesty, it is now.

Be real

  • Chances are your phone isn’t academically beneficial. The last known electronic educational device was the graphing calculator. Now it’s in a museum somewhere. The point is, your phone is a distraction you do not need. Don’t rationalize bringing your phone by feigning concern over how it needs to be charged and therefore you should bring the phone and its charger to ensure it charges properly. Lame.
  • Leave the dorm!! Your dorm room is full of temptations, like sleeping, eating, gaming, hanging out with the chicks across the hall, I could go on. While the library is the obvious choice, you may be likely to run into the girl you have been trying to avoid since the last party, so other options might include study areas on the other side of campus or a cafe off-campus.
  • Gauge your workload. How much or how little do you need to get done? Be honest with yourself in order to avoid the disappointment associated with high expectations that were not realized.

No matter how you do it, it’s all about results.

Be done

  • If you have several assignments, create some momentum by completing some of the easier tasks. Nothing motivates like being able to see your progress.
  • Prioritize. What can wait? What needs immediate attention? Ignorance is bliss, but it’s better to know how much work you have left to finish now than when you’re hung over tomorrow!