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Writing assignments are surely not something you want to spend your Friday night at, so try to find a way out. Here is a great source of tutorials and suggestions to help you finish homework fast.

Searching for Help with Accounting Homework for Free Online

There are many websites that offer help for students, some for free, but most cost. Of the sites that can help they fall under three categories; Student help sites, DIY Sites, and School sites. The student needs to be sure of the site, before using them. This is what will be covered here.

  1. Student Help Sites
  2. DIY Sites
  3. School Sites

Student Help Sites

Student help sites are sites designed for helping students with their school homework. They can offer a lot of different forms of help, from Aides, tutorials, and some even have free tutors that can help. What the student wants to look at, is where these people come from. Who does the site use to help them? Are they professionals, educators, or are they just people who work for them? This part can be hard to find out, as many of them say they use professionals and educators. Asking friends if they have used any of these sites is one way to find out. Looking for certifications is another way, as some have certifications from the education departments of that country or area.

DIY Sites

DIY sites are more risky, as many of them use anyone, with or without any training. Most of these have Bios on the writer, that will tell what their experience and background is. But even then, these could be made up. They usually only offer tutorials, which one can look at and see how close it follows what the student’s instructor had said. This is possibly going to be the best way to determine how knowledgeable the writer is. Look at what the writer has down, and see if it is more detailed than what the instructor had said, and if their math actually works as well as the textbook.

School Sites

School sites fall under two classifications; active, and static. An active site, will have an instructor or graduate student that works watching the site for questions from students having problems. They will then post answers to help the student figure out the questions they have. In effect this is close to using a tutor, but it is not in a live chat, it is on a forum type of design.

Static, is a site that instructors post tutorials on, that help students where they see the most problems at. These are good resources, in that the tutorials are broken down for the student, by an instructor to give more information on where a problem may be. The negative, is there might not be a tutorial for what the student needs.